Kevin the tortoise

Oct 04, 2013

My roommate, Jonathan, and I bought Kevin during the silent auction at a reptile show. He’s a wee baby sulcata tortoise, and he’s been all over the internet since I first posted this picture. Fun fact: I leave postcards of this image in the airplane magazines for strangers to find every time we travel.

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  1. Hi Haley, I actually came to your website for the other pic (storm over Denver). I was delighted to find a pic on reddit with an actual person to credit it to. I have a tumblr and really hate posting without an artist’s name to credit. Then when I visited your site and saw Kevin I think I fell in love. He is adorable. I am going to post your pic on my tumblr in the next couple of days (linked and credited to you, of course) If you don’t want me to you can reach me at and I will take it down. Thanks for sharing your photos. barbara

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